Salon by Surrender, Marina Bay Sands (2013) 

Salon by Surrender, Marina Bay Sands, as come to be synonomous with edgy, luxury streetwear, with a following of celebrities, trendsetters and professionals. Surrender’s third and latest store at marina bay sands presents a curated selection of finely tailored ready to wear men’s wear, eclectic and arty accessories, and one-off, collectible pieces. The intention was to create a space of luxury, artistry and individuality – an alluring space that is almost like an avant-garde museum – and to create an elegant, stylish yet distinguished setting for the display of salon by surrender’s unique pieces.

The use of a single material against simple creates a strong surface pattern throughout the space. This surface would form the visual imagery and identity of the boutique and act as a backdrop for the designer clothing. The use of diagonally-cut and recomposed [ordinary] homogenous tiles provides continuity, rhythm and texture to the space, while at the same time, accentuating the classy feel of the boutique. Reflective materials are used to extend the depth of space, fluidly merge the different materials, and multiply the effect created the unique pattern. The use of materials in a different and interesting way made it possible to simulate the look and feel of luxury, high-end materials to give an overall exciting retail experience to the space.

Photos © John Heng