Salon by Surrender Shanghai (2013) (Gold Award Winner, Retail Category, i-DEA Awards 2014)

The design of Salon by Surrender, Shanghai incorporates inspirations from the interiors of  Versailles and employs a modern classic palette of materials and colours that are immaculately set against the backdrop of reflective glass screens.  The old wood panels, sourced directly from Paris, provide textural quality and authenticity to the experience.  The story that the space creates slowly unfolds as one moves through and interacts with the objects and “art pieces” that are placed within it. 

Salon by Surrender, Shanghai is both a stage set and a museum where the old and the new, the past and the present are synthesized. Clothing become both objects and art pieces, and clients are invited to be part of the space of performance and exhibition – an intimate experience where they are able to indulge and partake in.

Photos © John Heng